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European Immigration – Spain

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European Immigration – Spain

MIGRATE TO SPAIN – Non-EU Citizens (Article 1).

A joint initiative between Brett Slater Solicitors and our Spanish Partner Firm Artemis Law based in Barcelona.

This series of articles will present the two most popular pathways for Australians to obtain a Spanish residence permit. In the first of two articles, we will explore The Golden Visa.

As non-EU citizens, Australians have many options to get a residence permit for Spain, however, one of the most interesting options is the Golden Visa. If you are in a position to allow you to get this privileged kind of visa and residence permit, it is something you should really consider. Let’s explain more…


The Golden Visa allows you to apply for a residency and work permit if you:

  • invest at least 500.000 € in Spanish real estate
  • invest 2 million € in Spanish debts,
  • invest 1 million € in Spanish companies, stocks,
  • deposit 1 million € in a Spanish bank account,
  • are hired as a highly qualified professional by a company in Spain or
  • plan on realising a business project considered as of special economic interest.

The great advantage of the Golden Visa is that you get a residence and work permit for all of Spain, not just one part of the country, and the administration has to respond to your application within 10 or 20 working days. Another important advantage of the Golden Visa is that you do not have to spend a certain amount of time per year in Spain; there is no limit.  

Your immigration lawyer can present your application online if you are already in Spain. So, as an Australian citizen, you can come to Spain on a tourist visa (which you do not have to apply for), make your investment and then apply directly for your residence permit whilst remaining in Spain and without having to return to Australia!

The team at Artemis Law will assist you to prepare and present your application to the relevant Spanish authorities, in partnership with your Australian Immigration Team. So, you get two experts for the price of one! Learn more today.

Contact Pina Espinoza or contact Brett Slater Solicitors, and explore your move to Spain. When making your enquiry, please Quote: Move21 for a Free Telephone Consultation.

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