Australian immigration law is complex. It covers thousands of pages of complicated decisions, judgments, statutes, regulations, gazettes and other statutory instruments. In our view, this complexity means that the skills of highly trained, experienced Australian migration and visa lawyers are required.Some migration agents in Sydney have become registered after completing a one-week training course and have then proceeded to give advice that was fundamentally flawed, misinformed and harmful to their clients. Bad advice can have extremely serious consequences for clients, destroying their hopes and in the worst cases, ruining their lives.

    A person might claim to be a migration expert in Australia yet not have any academic qualification such as a law degree. There are many agents who are not practising lawyers.

    By contrast, accredited specialist immigration lawyers in New South Wales are independently regulated by the legal profession. These Australian immigration lawyers are independently required to have demonstrated a high skill level and to maintain high professional standards in order to remain accredited. It takes at least eight years of training and relevant experience to become accredited, and in many cases much longer. In New South Wales, only one lawyer in (approximately) 800 is an accredited specialist in immigration law.

    In doing immigration work, there is a lot at stake: a lot to win and a lot to lose. It follows that skill is important and experience counts. When you hire us, you can be confident that you have skilled lawyers representing you and that by doing so you are strengthening your prospects of a successful outcome.

    Brett Slater Solicitors in Sydney are regarded as being amongst the best immigration lawyers in Australia.

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