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Immigration Lawyers in Spain | Spanish Immigration

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Immigration Lawyers in Spain | Spanish Immigration


Migration to Spain – Non-EU Citizens (Article 2).


A joint initiative between Brett Slater Solicitors and the Spanish Partner Firm Artemis Law based in Barcelona.


This series of articles will present the two most popular pathways for Australians to obtain a Spanish residence permit. In this second article, we will explore the NON-LUCRATIVE RESIDENCE PERMIT.


As non-EU citizens, Australians have many options to get a residence permit for Spain, however, one of the most interesting options is the Non-Lucrative Residence Permit. If you are prepared to financially maintain yourself without having to work in Spain, and you are not interested to make any large investment (as with the Golden Visa), this is the perfect option for you! Let’s explain more.


The Non-Lucrative Residence Permit allows you to reside in Spain for one year, with the option of renewing it for periods of 2 years. It does not come with a work permit, which would mean that you could not sign up for social security in Spain and you would have to prove that you have enough financial means to keep you and a full coverage health insurance.


For this permit you would have to available income for the following amounts:


  • For your monthly upkeep: 2.151,36 €/month
  • For each family member: 537,84 €/month


The applications for the residence authorisation and the visa are presented together at the Consulate or Embassy in Australia. The administration has 3 months to decide, but it usually acts faster, since it is not a very complicated request. In Australia, you have three different consular offices at your disposal and your Australian Immigration Legal Team can assist with all aspects of your application.


The advantage of this option is that after the first year it can be modified, allowing the holder to request a work permit while they are already in Spain and without the need to return to your country of origin.


Permanent Residency and Citizenship


After having resided in Spain for 5 continuous years, you can apply for Permanent Residency. As an Australian citizen, after 10 years of continuous residence in Spain, you can apply for Spanish citizenship.


At Artemis Law, we can assist you to prepare and present your application for you, in partnership with your Australian Immigration Team. So, twice the value, none of the fuss! Learn more today.


Contact Pina Espinoza or contact Brett Slater Solicitors, and explore your move to Spain today. When making your enquiry, please Quote: Move21 for a Free Telephone Consultation.


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