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Migration Case Summaries

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Visa cancellation (working too many hours)

Background In this case our client originally came to Australia as a student but as a result of a delay on the part of Immigration, and falling ill, he was not able to complete his original course.  He then applied for a further student visa which restricted his ability to work to twenty hours.  Because of financial hardship our client found himself in a position in which he had to work more than the twenty hours allowed by law.  Immigration became aware of this and cancelled his visa. Our involvement Our client appealed this decision and we represented him before the Migration Review...

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Dependant children over 18

In this case our client originally came to Australia as a refugee from Vietnam.  He had been an officer in the South Vietnamese army. After the fall of Saigon he had been put into a concentration camp, from which he eventually escaped.  He was forced to leave his wife and four children in Vietnam and flee for his life.  He did, however, continue to support them by sending them money over the years. Eventually his wife made an application for her and her four children, who were now all over the age of 18, to join our client in Australia.  Immigration...

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Compassionate circumstances: illness of uncle

Background Our client had originally come to Australia on a visitor’s visa with an entry permit for only one month.  He came to visit his uncle who had been permanently injured in an industrial accident and who suffered from a number of medical complaints as a result.  As the uncle’s health was deteriorating he needed assistance and support to live.   Our client remained in the country living with his uncle, caring for him, but did not make an attempt to regularise his stay until three years later when he applied for a temporary entry permit.  This application was refused by Immigration...

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Criminal conviction, illegal overstayer

In this case our client had come to Australia originally on a six month visitors visa.  He faced persecution in his home country if he were to return.  Unfortunately for our client he was not aware of the immigration applications available.  He stayed illegally in Australia for several years after the expiration of his visitors visa. Sadly, our client was exploited by criminal elements and engaged in fraudulent activity.  Our client was arrested and convicted and sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment.  At the end of his criminal sentence he was transferred from prison to an immigration detention centre...

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Spouse visa: stopping a deportation

Background This was a case in which our client had previously received poor advice from a migration agent. As a result of this poor advice our client had applied for a temporary spouse visa in the belief that she would be eligible for temporary residency within 6 months of the application being made. The application for a spouse visa was rejected by Immigration because at the time of her application the applicant had not held a substantive visa for more than 28 days and therefore did not satisfy one of the requirements for the grant of this visa. Immigration made a...

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