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Visa cancellation (working too many hours)

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Visa cancellation (working too many hours)


In this case our client originally came to Australia as a student but as a result of a delay on the part of Immigration, and falling ill, he was not able to complete his original course.  He then applied for a further student visa which restricted his ability to work to twenty hours.  Because of financial hardship our client found himself in a position in which he had to work more than the twenty hours allowed by law.  Immigration became aware of this and cancelled his visa.

Our involvement

Our client appealed this decision and we represented him before the Migration Review Tribunal.   The Tribunal found that even though our client had violated two conditions of his visa (one of which was considered a serious violation) he was an honest witness who would not repeat his mistake.   The Tribunal set aside the cancellation of his visa and our client was able to remain in Australia in order to complete his studies.

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