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Immigration Lawyers Sydney Blog

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The Importance of Being Honest

Partner visas and welfare fraud Recently Immigration have announced a data-matching programme. It is to be used to target migration and social security fraud. The data-matching programme is expected to commence at some point in 2015. As part of the programme, Immigration will provide to the Department of Human Services (DHS) – Centrelink details about visa applicants and sponsors who lodged onshore partner visa applications in the years 2012-13 and 2013-14. In particular, Immigration and DHS will be looking to identify people who have declared themselves as ‘single’ to the DHS – Centrelink for the purposes of welfare payments, but who have also...

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Partner visa issues – Partners with dubious “risk” factors

These days in late 2013, when the Department looks at a partner visa application, they look at more than just the forms and documents you submit. They look at a range of other things about you. They think specific factors will help them to decide whether or not you are a ‘high risk’ applicant. They do not publish these factors. Many of the things they look at are reasonable, such as  the immigration history of each of the applicant and the sponsor. Some partner visa issues however are a little more surprising. For example, the Department will take into account how...

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Character deportation prevented: AAT

Refugee Facing Deportation Our client, together with his family, was selected for resettlement in Australia on refugee Visa. At the time our client was aged 13. Our client experienced adjustment problems in Australia. He soon left school and left his family to live on the streets. In the resulting years our client was charged with a number of offences, to which he pleaded guilty.  Immigration then ordered that our client be deported under section 200 of the Migration Act. This provision allowed any non-citizen who has been in Australia for less than 10 years and has been convicted of an offence...

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