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What can you do if your visa application is refused?

Having a visa application refused can be extremely disappointing. After spending considerable time completing forms, gathering documents and having paid the relevant fee - which is generally only refundable in limited circumstances - receiving a visa refusal can be a serious set-back. Visa applications in Australia are processed and considered by the Department of Home Affairs. A decision to issue a visa refusal may be made for a number of reasons including (but not limited to): applying for the wrong visa type (surprisingly common so get legal assistance and good advice); failing to meet the conditions required of a previous or existing visa; failing...

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Domestic Violence and Visas

Domestic Violence and Visas - Your rights  Domestic violence is not acceptable or tolerated in Australia. If you are living in Australia on a visa and experiencing family and domestic violence you will likely be very concerned, not only about your wellbeing but the future of your residency here. If you are on a temporary partner visa or you married whilst on a prospective marriage visa and you or your dependents have experienced abuse, the family violence provisions provide that the grant of a permanent visa may still be considered, despite the breakdown of your relationship. In other words, you should not be prevented...

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