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Adoption Australia – Article 3

[vc_row triangle_shape="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text] Audio Version     Adoption Australia & Intercountry Adoption Arrangements. Article 3: release date 01, February 2021 In this final article, we attempt to provide more clarity on the timeline and requirement of information, to set out the essentials you may want to know.   Firstly, some basic requirements must be met. The child in a Convention country (see Article 1) – i.e., a person under the age of 18 – must be habitually residing in his or her home country, and the government of that country must be satisfied that adoption will be in the child’s best interests. An assessment may be made to ensure that...

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Coming to Australia – finding the right visa and navigating the pathways

Although Australia’s immigration laws are complex, there are many visas providing eligible applicants an opportunity to live, study, and/or work in Australia. Many visas provide pathways to permanent residency and allow the visa holder to bring eligible family members. Understanding different visa categories and working with an immigration professional can help identify the most appropriate visa type and implement strategies towards achieving your immigration goals. Choosing the Right Visa Essentially, visas are grouped into categories or classes that share common factors and have specific eligibility criteria applicable to each subclass. All visas have conditions attached which must not be breached by a visa...

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Using an Australian business for immigration purposes – considerations when setting up and operating a company

Australia offers excellent opportunities for foreign investors and business operators, and generally welcomes economic growth and development. If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you will need to obtain the right visa to set up a business in Australia. If you have a business background and meet specific eligibility criteria, you may be able to pursue a Business Innovation visa. Applications in these categories are complex, require careful planning and detailed supporting documents. Using an immigration specialist to assess your eligibility and coordinate the process can avoid costly mistakes. Potential applicants will also need to consider how to formally...

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Adoption Australia – Article 2

Audio Version     Adoption Australia & Intercountry Adoption Arrangements   Article 2: release date: 22, January 2021   Outline of process in intercountry adoptions What seems to be a complicated process, especially amidst an emotionally charged decision, may actually turn out to be quite a simple one to follow. Whether in theory only, is still to be decided, but bear with us and we’ll attempt to break it down for you First of all, applications to be adoptive parents are made to the Department of Communities and Justice (if you’re in NSW). The Department then puts your application to the courts, to ask for the adoption application...

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Adoption Australia – Article 1

Photo by Jonathan Borba - Pexels   Audio Version     Adoption Australia & Intercountry Adoption Arrangements. Article 1: release date: 22, December 2020 Adoption is a hot topic but one that remains a challenging subject for most Australians. Whether the parents (or prospective parents) of adopted children remain onshore or located offshore in another country, has very little bearing on the level of understanding and individual rights, when it comes to adoption and Australian legislation. This series of articles (also in audio) aims to relieve some of the confusion and bring clarity to the subject of adoption. Harbourside Legal Services Group and Brett Slater Solicitors have, for...

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