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Residency & Citizenship

Residency & Citizenship Applications
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Permanent Residency & Australian Citizenship

One of the most common questions our Lawyers receive is “how do I secure PR?’ This is an interesting question and one that can be answered in many ways. By having a telephone consultation with an expert immigration lawyer, you will be given a thorough understanding of how to answer this question for your own specific situation. You can even receive a written advice (summary or detailed), to keep for your own personal use (fees apply).

So, you have been in Australia living and working, enjoying all this magnificent country has to offer, and you now want to obtain Australian citizenship. The final element to your immigration journey and for everyone, an incredibly proud milestone in life. Perhaps you have been in Australia for a significant period of time, and now seek advice for obtaining Citizenship. Well, Brett Slater Solicitors manage many different Citizenship applications (by decent, by conferral, etc.). We can assist with every stage of Australian Citizenship such as:

  • Preparing and lodging straightforward applications
  • Assisting and checking whether an Applicant is eligible, and discussing options
  • Assisting an NZ passport holder with pathways to Citizenship
  • Preparing and lodging applications that are complex or subject to character issues
  • Preparing detailed supporting submissions about your particular matter
  • Preparing and lodging applications that are subject to Ministerial Discretions
  • We can respond to requisitions from the Department regarding historical issues
  • Assisting with all supporting information required to strengthen a Citizenship application.

You may be a client who:

  • Already has PR status and looking for assistance to become an Australian
  • A child of an Australian Citizen of former citizen
  • Someone looking to resume their citizenship
  • A refugee or humanitarian Applicant needing specific expert advice
  • The partner or spouse of an Australian citizen.
  • A New Zealand Citizen

Whatever your personal situation, our services are tailored to you. There is never one single application the same as the next.

To be eligible for Australian citizenship, you must meet certain criteria. Our Lawyers can assist explain what this is, and how best to prepare and lodge your application.

There are several elements in the application process. However, we have provided this service for a long time, and we will explain everything to you. Trust in the process and trust your immigration lawyer. After all, we want to celebrate you becoming an Australian citizen too!

NOTE: Under normal circumstances, an Applicant must be onshore at time of being granted citizenship. There can be exceptions to this and if you feel this may apply to you, then discuss alternative options with your lawyer. We will explain the entire process from the application, the test, any interviews and finally the ceremony.

We can also assist with matters associated with dual citizenship. Since 2002, dual citizenship has been permitted in Australia.

Brett Slater Solicitors can also assist with:

  • Preparation and lodgement of citizenship applications for general eligibility
  • Preparation and lodgement of citizenship applications with Ministerial requests
  • Character requisitions on citizenship applications
  • Citizenship resumption
  • Evidence of Citizenship

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