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    Navigating immigration and visa requirements can be a difficult and confusing task. With a wide range of considerations, regulations and exceptions to take into account, understanding what visa is best for you and your requirements can be hard.

    Regulations and laws surrounding business visas are constantly changing, and it is always best to seek the professional advice and assistance from specialised immigration solicitors to ensure you do not waste time or money applying for the wrong category of visa.

    Understanding your visa

    As with any visa, it is essential that you understand the legislations and restrictions around each visa and visa category. Our team of experienced immigration solicitors can help with the vital parts of your visa application. From understanding and filling out paperwork correctly, to ensuring you have the correct identification and supporting documents, it is essential you are prepared to avoid wasting money on incomplete or inaccurate applications.

    In addition to the Business Innovation and Investment Visa, there may be different options for employers, employees and individual traders. Our team will help ensure you are applying for the right visa for both your current and future circumstances.

    We guide you through your business visa application process

    We understand how complex the immigration process is and our specialised lawyers stay up to date with all the latest news and regulations surrounding business visas. If you are coming to Australia to conduct business or commercial related activities our team can assist in ensuring you are applying for the right category, and help you efficiently and correctly complete and submit your application.

    We provide a wide range of visa services as well as appeals, citizenship applications and much more. Talk to our Sydney team for expert assistance in accessing your Business Innovation and Investment Visa or alternative immigration options. Contact us online or call 02 9299 5815. 

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