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  • Our Sydney immigration lawyers have helped many people with their visa applications and citizenship or visa cancellation issues. Their profound satisfaction and happiness are testament to our professional abilities, and to our commitment to the best outcome for each and every client.

    If you’re looking for an expert immigration lawyer in Australia, look not only at their qualifications and experience, but also at the testimonials from their clients. Client’s own words will speak volumes about the abilities of the Sydney immigration lawyer who helped them. A number of our clients have gone out of their way to give us considered, descriptive and is some cases quite eloquent endorsements.

    Read some of our Client testimonials Below:

  • Hi Marina, Thank you, that’s wonderful news! We appreciate all you and the Nadine team have done to get the visa processed. Many thanks!

    HK, Sydney (May 2021)

  • Outstanding and professional service from start to finish. A big thanks to Lee, Nadine, and Marina who helped me with my Citizenship matter. I could not be happier with the quality of assistance that has helped me achieve my goal. I highly recommend a truly professional firm.

    DR, Sydney (May 2021)

  • {extracted] Dear Nadine, we would all like to thank you, Marina and Lee for your support, advice, professionalism and hard work throughout the whole process. We had the assurance from you from the time we first met and it was clearly justified. Thank you again.

    TW, Sydney (Feb 2021)

  • THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, for your patience and hard work! I can’t express how happy I am with the service! I will be recommending your firm to everyone who needs the help!!!

    JS Sydney, NSW (Jan. 2020)

  • The consultation went great. Nadine is very professional and kind. The information that I received from her will definitely help me to make a decision. Thank you for your service.

    NT, Sydney NSW (March 2020)

  • [Extracted] Hi Nadine and Lee, Thank you very much for what you have already done for us - it is invaluable and very highly appreciated. I am very impressed with Nadine’s work - and I am thrilled that she could re-instate my RRV so quickly. One thing is for sure - I will highly recommend you!

    GK & SA, Singapore (March 2020)

  • Hi Nadine, Marina and Lee, Thank you very much for all your support. It is indeed great news and it would definitely make things easier for us.Thank you again for all your help!

    Lucas M. Sydney, NSW (June 2019)

  • Dear Nadine and Lee, Thank you!! What a journey its been - goodness! Thank you both SO much for helping us through the visa application. Its been a massive effort and we are over the moon (and still in a little disbelief!) that we finally got there, and got permanent residency granted no less! Really appreciate all the hard work Nadine and her team has put in for us. She has been such a wonderful support through this time, especially for me. Lee - thank you for all your understanding and patience, etc. Huge thanks to you both! Have already shared Nadine's details to a friend. All the best and thank you again.

    K & R, Sydney NSW, (May 2019)

  • We found your firm compassionate and helpful and wish to thank you for seeing us

    CL & PL, Sydney NSW (May 2019)

  • I want to take the opportunity of thanking you for the advice you and your colleagues gave me; it was highly valued

    DC, London (May 2019)

  • Hi Nadine, I got your email. Thank you very much to you and your team for all your help throughout the process; it's very much appreciated. I will be in touch in the future for your assistance in gaining citizenship.

    DD, Sydney NSW, (Apr. 2019)

  • Oh my god!! Wow! I can’t believe that’s happened so quickly - thank you so much! I am so grateful for all your help!!

    SZ, Sydney NSW, (Apr. 2019)

  • Hi Nadine, thank you for your efforts in assisting us with the documentation. We really appreciate the dedication and hard work, you and your team provided during the process.

    P & B, Sydney NSW, (April 2019)

  • Hi Nadine, we are thankful for everything Brett Slater Solicitors, yourself and the team have done.

    J&JS. Sydney, NSW (Nov.2019)

  • "The moment I arrived in your office, I was completely happy! Thank you for the good assistance and advice."

    A. Javid, Sydney NSW (Feb 2019)

  • Dear Nadine, I saw you a couple of times asking advice about submitting my application for PR. Just this morning, I received an email granting me my RRV visa. I am overjoyed - thank you so much for the advice you gave me.

    CP, USA (Dec 2019)

  • {Extracted} - Dear Lee, Brett Slater Solicitors was recommended to me by a friend when my family were in need of a very good and experienced immigration lawyer to handle our immigration matter. Brett Slater Solicitors was excellent in their service delivery and flexible and affordable payment plan. We have confidence in their expertise. A big thank you to all staff at Brett Slater Solicitors. I must confess that I am personally grateful to you for your support during tough times. We are really happy and this would not have happened without you and your team's support. Once again a big thank you to you and all staff especially Nadine, Marina and Abraham.

    Mark T, Sydney NSW (Nov. 2019

  • Hi Lee, highly appreciate your service to date. Thank you.

    LW, Sydney NSW, (Oct. 2019)

  • Brett Slater Solicitors is a highly professional immigration law firm. They provided me with all the information and options I needed to applying for a Subclass 190. They are better than other Lawyers. Their price is not the cheapest, but in conclusion, I was able to save more money since I was given the accurate information. Thank You. Highly recommended

    Rad. M. Sydney, NSW (July 2019)

  • Hi Nadine, thanks so much for all your help!! You have been amazing :). We would like you guys to do the next stages as well. We'll be in touch closer to the time. Thanks,

    FM, Sydney NSW, (Oct 2019)

  • All our thanks to you and your team Lee. Thank you for assisting all our emails, enquires and frustrations. Beyond happy with the greatest outcome, many thanks.

    KR&JS, Sydney (Oct 2020)

  • I would like to thank you and the rest of the team for the assistance and help you provided me with my visa application! Amazing news!

    BS, Sydney (Aug 2020)

  • The consultation was amazing! Thank you so much.

    HL, Sydney NSW (June 2020)

  • [Extracted] Hi Sammy, I can’t believe it! We are both in complete shock! I just want to say thank you for everything, it was not an easy journey but you never gave up on us, and we are very grateful for your dedication and patience with our case. Thank you for giving us the chance when another agent probably wouldn’t have. The past 2 years have been completely full of emotion and I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to put our trust in and handle our case. This means the world to us and we will definitely recommend you to any friends that want to immigrate.

    KF, South Africa (Mar 2020)

  • Dear Lee, first and foremost, we would like to thank you for your prompt reply to all my emails and arranging the initial consultation so quickly for us. Also to Nadine for her clear and thorough advice!

    PY, Canada (Jan 2020)

  • Hi Lee and the BSS Team, Many thanks to all of you for helping us through the muck and mire that is immigration. We really couldn't have done it without you. It was even all going a little too easy so I decided to have an extra legal matter chucked in for fun, and you helped me through that as well. All the best to all of you, and thanks again,

    Lawrence C. Sydney, NSW (June 2019)

  • My immigration case had to be put together and presented in a very short time, a matter of days. During this period I was given full attention and the progress was well communicated to me. It has to be said that there were many unusual aspects to my [...]

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    I would like to recommend Brett Slater Solicitors because without them my wife and I would not be together today. I firmly believe that Brett and his staff were crucial to my wife obtaining her visa and critical to us surviving and dealing with our [...]

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    We decided to do our application by ourselves to begin with but with the unexpected circumstances we seeked [sic] help from Brett Slater Solicitors. The best decision we have made in terms of my migration. They deliver and worked on our case [...]

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    I recommend Brett Slater Solicitors because they are always up to date with the latest immigration laws. Fast response to any queries. Explains all the important information in detail. Even on some difficult requests; they seem to have a solution [...]

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    During a period of eight years working in China we met and began a relationship with ten year-old orphan Wang Xiang (later named Deborah Ann Dousset). Deborah had been abandoned to the Chinese welfare system at three weeks of age. We began fostering [...]

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    Thanks for your strategic thinking and professional expertise. I was able to have a positive outcome for my application. I am impressed by your skills, competence, persistence and professionalism. My visa came after two days that your paperwork was [...]

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  • {Extracted} Great Service from Nadine. Amazing knowledge.

    IE, Sydney (Feb 2021)

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