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    Applying for a visa in Australia can be a complex and confusing process. From finding the right category, to filling out paperwork, gathering documents and submitting your application, there are many rules and processes to navigate before your visa can even be considered. Our experienced immigration solicitors understand how difficult the visa application can be, and can help you in applying for your skilled immigration visa.

    Understanding Skilled Visas

    189 Skilled Independent Visa

    The Skilled Independent Visa (189 Visa) is a visa stream for points-tested skilled workers who do not have a sponsorship by an employer or nominated by state or territory government. This visa requires an expression of interest to be submitted prior to the visa process, so understanding how best to submit your request for a visa invitation is vital.

    190 Skilled Nominated Visa

    This visa is for workers who have been nominated by and Australian territory or state government to live as a permanent resident in Australia. The process for a 190 visa is very complex with many regulations, and requires professional assistance to ensure you don’t waste time or money on incomplete or ineligible applications.

    489 Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

    For those looking to live in regional areas the 489 Skilled Regional Sponsored visa allows you to live and work in a specified regional area for up to four years. This visa allows you to apply for permanent residency once you have lived and worked in the specified area for over two years.

    Get expert help to make sure you find the right visa

    Choosing the correct visa category, and ensuring you are not only eligible but have the best chance of success is vital in ensuring you don’t waste your time and money. Our team of specialised migration lawyers can assist in all aspects of your visa application and submission, and also provide a range of appeals services if your visa is refused. Call our Sydney lawyers today on 02 9299 5815 for a confidential discussion.

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