• Specialised Australian Citizenship Lawyers in Sydney

    Making the jump from permanent resident to Australian citizen is a big decision, and can be an even bigger challenge. With many rules and regulations restricting who can apply for citizenship and when, understanding the process of applying to be an Australian citizen is vital in the success of your application.

    There are many channels available for applying for citizenship and it is essential you choose the right category to ensure you don’t waste your time or money. Our experienced citizenship solicitors understand the complex immigration system and can guide you throughout your immigration process.

    Finding the right citizenship option

    Each citizenship pathway has a different application process and requires a range of different documentation and identification. We can assist in helping you streamline your application process and aid in creating a well supported, complete application. There are a variety of citizenship pathways we can aid with including:

    • Australian citizenship by descent
    • Australian citizenship
    • Australian citizenship by adoption
    • Resuming an Australian citizenship

    Each pathway comes with it a range of regulations and laws that are subject to change. Our team of lawyers are dedicated to staying up to date and can provide advice and assistance to ensure your application complies with the most recent set of laws.

    Talk to the experts and begin your journey to Australian citizenship

    If you are in need of any general migration advice, visa assistance or are ready to start applying for your Australian citizenship, talk to our expert Sydney team today. Don’t risk wasting energy and money on ineligible applications or incomplete paperwork. Contact us on 08 9299 5815 or submit an online enquiry and begin your application process with the knowledge and security of professional legal assistance.

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