• 417 VISA – Australian Working Holiday Visa

    Visas requirements can be very complicated. There is a constantly evolving web of rules and regulations that needs to be successfully navigated and a 417 VISA ,or working holiday visa, is no different.

    When applying for a 417 VISA in Australia, or any visa for that matter, there are a few things that are very important. First, you must ensure that you are applying for the correct category of visa. You must then ensure the paperwork is completed accurately and that all supporting documentation is lodged with the application. Failure to do this frequently results in applications being refused and the process being drawn out longer than it needs to be.

    Migrations lawyers can help you ensure your paperwork is accurate and complete giving it the best chance of swift success. Given our extensive legal knowledge, we can also alert you to any potential issues or hurdles before they arise. We are among the top immigration lawyers in Sydney and are happy to help you with your visa requirements.

    Please note that some Visas, like the 676 visa and the 456 visa, have been replaced with others. Contact us on (02) 9299 5815 for further information.

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